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3. Tools for Anopheles gambiae Transgenesis. Volohonsky G.*, Terenzi O.*, Soichot J.*, Naujoks D.A., Nolan T., Windbichler N., Kapps D., Smidler A.L., Vittu A., Costa G., Steinert S., Levashina E.A., Blandin S.A. and Marois E., 2015 – Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5(6):1151-63 pubmed

2. Targeted Mutagenesis in the Malaria Mosquito Using TALE Nucleases. Smidler A. L., Terenzi O., Soichot J., Levashina E. A., Marois E., 2013 PLoS One 8(8):e74511 pubmed

1. Arabidopsis type I metacaspases control cell death. Coll NS, Vercammen D, Smidler A, Clover C, Van Breusegem F, Dangl JL, Epple P., 2010 – Science. 330(6009):1393-7. pubmed