Martine Thoma

Martine ThomaLU

PhD Student







4. AP-1/Fos-TGase2 axis mediates wounding-induced Plasmodium falciparum killing in Anopheles gambiaeNsango SE, Pompon J, Xie T, Rademacher A, Fraiture M, Thoma M, Awono-Ambene PH, Moyou RS, Morlais I, Levashina EA., 2013 – J Biol Chem. [Epub ahead of print] pubmed

3. Genetic clonality of Plasmodium falciparum affects the outcome of infection in Anopheles gambiaeNsango SE, Abate L, Thoma M, Pompon J, Fraiture M, Rademacher A, Berry A, Awono-Ambene PH, Levashina EA, Morlais I., 2012 – Int J Parasitol. 42(6):589-95. pubmed

2. Boosting NF-kB Dependent Basal Immnity of Anopheles gambiae Aborts Development of Plasmodium berghei. Frolet C., Thoma M., Blandin S., Hoffmann J.A. and Levashina E.A. 2006 – Immunity 25(4):677-85 pubmed

1. Demonstration and quantification of “hyperchromic” erythrocytes by haematological analysers. Application to screening for hereditary and acquired spherocytosis. Kutter D., Coulon N., Stirn F., Thoma M., Janecki J. 2002 – Clinical Laboratory 48(3-4):163-70 pubmed