Welcome to the Anopheles group in Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Anopheles research group is led by Stéphanie Blandin and Eric Marois. It was created in 2002 by Elena Levashina within the CNRS department “Immune Responses and Development in Insects”. This department is internationally recognized for its work on Drosophila immunity, as illustrated by the attribution of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Jules Hoffmann (shared with B. Beutler and R. Steinman). Since 2007, the Anopheles group is also affiliated to Inserm.

Expanding on the knowledge gained in Drosophila immunity, the Anopheles group investigates the molecular interactions between Anopheles mosquitoes and the malaria parasites they disseminate. A large variability exist in the ability of mosquitoes to transmit malaria parasites, with some mosquitoes fully resistant to the parasites and therefore unable to transmit the disease. We aim at understanding what makes these mosquitoes resistant and we develop new tools for efficient mosquito transgenesis to investigate mosquito-parasite interactions. We hope our work will lead to new strategies aiming at reducing malaria transmission.

Elena Levashina

Jules Hoffmann